What’s been done to #helpfindvinnie?!

Need to Do

  • Get on local news outlets
  • Follow up on video footage
  • Continue to walk & talk to people in neighborhoods where tips have come in
  • Replace vandalized or rain-damaged fliers
  • Blog about the updates
  • Update the Police on leads until an investigator is assigned
  • Contact the veterinarian providing services to the homeless

Also suggested/considering

  • Bloodhound service for several thousand an hour
  • Pet FBI/investigator services


  • Notify Shelter: SF Animal Care & Control
  • Ask for video footage
  • File police report
  • Notify humane society: SPCA in SF
  • Post to neighborhood app/listserv: NextDoor app
  • Share with lost pet apps & Facebook pages: Pawboost
  • Post to Craigslist
  • Place fliers in neighborhood where stolen: from Caltrain to Rincon Hill
  • Ask for video footage from area businesses around where taken: Okta, Github, Property Management Company across the street.
  • Add color picture to report/review report with shelter
  • Updated microchip company on missing status: HomeAgain
  • Notify news outlets
  • Share with all area shelters & vets
  • Create public Facebook post/Page for sharing
  • Add fliers to popular areas where people congregate
    • In our case, this means the following areas so far:
      • South Beach, East Cut, SOMA, Transit Centers, FiDi, Tenderloin, North Beach, the Mission, Lower Haight, BART Station exits
  • Have a friend create website (thank you Daniel Peter!)
  • Post & boosted posts in Instagram (I need more help with this)
  • Ask for video footage
  • Put Vinnie’s blankets/bed outside so he can “home” himself by sniffing out his own pheromones
  • Post flier in Shelter: SF Animal Care & Control
  • Walk & talk to people in neighborhoods where tips have come in from
  • Ask for video footage, also posting to social media & friends of friends to email
  • Boosted post in Facebook
  • Ask for video footage from locations where Vinnie was possibly sighted
  • Provide fliers to local soup kitchens: St. Anthony’s & Glide in SF

Day 8: Flat tire

The tire repair took all day & let’s face it, I was exhausted. The rain makes it so difficult and cold and no one is out. I only could push a few hours, posting at places like the Goodwill and talking to police officers. So here’s some pics of the lil guy, so you can get to see his ridiculous side.

At the Animal House, trying on Halloween “outfits” 
Vigilant, looking out for the squirrels and chipmunks in South Lake.
Conflicted as he tries to hide his bone, but he wants affection too…funny lil guy.
Sharing with his older sis, MJ…not that *she* wanted to share the little bed. 😉
“I’ll get it!!”
We were in a parade today. Isn’t that super?!

Day 7 & Thanksgiving

Thank you for all the holiday greetings via text, direct message, email and from people I meet with as I search for Vinnie. Thank you for keeping Vinnie & me and our housemate in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you for spreading the word, for sharing in social media, and anything else strangers & friends are doing to #helpfindvinnie near & far.

The original Facebook post that I made in the panicked hours after the theft has circled the globe from across the US to Australia, England, Germany & beyond. I was asking for tips and ideas while waiting for police and after asking for video footage from the nearby business with likely footage. I’ve received so much helpful information & well wishes from that thread alone, not to mention posts from friends in other social channels like Daniel Peter’s or Pearl Lee’s. Those creators of the NextDoor app also knew what they were doing…thank you Sarah Leary, Nirav Tolia, Prakash Janakiraman and David Wiesen clearly created an app that people like using, since in my case it’s come up daily as a way people have found out about my missing lil guy, Vinnie.

I’m also very grateful for Stephanie Lee, who wanted to use her hard-won experience searching for her Phyllo to #helpfindvinnie. She designed the handouts we’re using as we canvass the streets and has graciously spent hours of her time with me walking the Mission & SOMA areas earlier this week. What an amazing boost she’s been in this very frustrating search for my pup!


Now, back out to the streets…it’s morning & the sun is up. Gotta get my boy home!

Day 5: a promising sighting

Call waiting, Wednesday 11/21, 4:33 pmRecent sighting

Picked up the call that has generated more excitement than we’ve had in days…someone saw Vinnie just more than 24 hours ago! The roommate (pictured) & I immediately head out with fliers and handouts to visit the 24th & Mission BART station and neighborhood where he was spotted.

As we’re asking commuters if they’ve seen Vinnie & handing out his picture to take with them, we get another sighting at the same place: no collar or leash but a few hours earlier.

My boy is somewhere in SF still! They haven’t left the area!! Keep your fingers crossed, y’all. Keep sharing in social with #helpfindvinnie and keep checking here for updates. And we still need to get on the local news!

Day 5: Wisdom & Video


More print materials, double checking the shelter (Roomie & I did that Sunday), soliciting the @SNAPbi coworkers for papering the city, picking up the police report…and also getting materials to folks @Salesforce too (see pic).

Though beat by 3pm after zipping around town on my scooter, I head to one of the 2 grocery stores. The first store manager at Store 1 is super hesitant to dive in until after the holiday. At store 2, the manager interrupts me in my schpeal. Because he’s seen Vinnie over the weekend. And he knows it & has goosebumps! He’s not sure if it’s Friday or Sunday, but we’re narrowing the scope each day.


The wise man

When papering the parking lot, handing out mini fliers to the neighbors while they are minding their own business, Roomie & I meet a dude. A tall dude. And he was super erudite and fun to talk to. And one of the favorite gems:

You are the reason, whether you are or you aren’t.

I’d ask him to amend his phrase with “At some point” as in:

At some point, you are the reason, whether you are or you aren’t.

Wow though, right?!

The moral of the story

Dog Thief, if you’re reading this, it’s only a matter of time…figure out how to get Vinnie back & get the reward!

Don’t forget to share the Twitter & Facebook posts, create a story of your own on Instagram and keep generating buzz to #HelpFindVinnie!

Day 4: Update


At about 8:30pm last night, about the time for Vinnie’s evening meds, a woman hanging out on Mission with her buddies talking on the phone took one look at the mini flier, paused her conversation & asked, “Is he hyper?”

I stopped talking to her friend & paid attention.

She goes on to describe seeing this lil guy bouncing in greeting to people walking up to him to pet him in front of a local grocery store. I’m thinking “OMG! This is my dog!! She’s seen Vinnie!” It’s given me more hope that he’s somewhere, he’s getting taken care of, and we’ll find him. More soon!

Keep sharing the story on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, where ever you participate in social. Let’s get on the news & really boost the eyes looking out for Vinnie!

Day 4

Still no Vinnie: 7 missed meds so far


Print shop for reprints, b+w fliers went up by the Salesforce Tower, more along FiDi then moved NW. I was solo today, put up paper along Columbus & throughout the North Beach.

Heard of a few people seeing something in social media, so the buzz going is working! They’re seeing him either on Instagram or the Facebook post on my page (up to 1k shares!) or the page I created in Facebook on Sunday for Vinnie when he still wasn’t spotted anywhere.


Meeting a legend: Stephanie Lee

img_1547.jpegWhen woman who also had her dog stolen from out front of a neighborhood Whole Foods found her Phyllo again (article here) offered to help find Vinnie, I said yes! We want to head to the Mission to put up fliers, talk to people and hand out the little mini fliers so people could keep a better look out.

Image right is a sample…this site is on the back and so is #HelpFindVinnie for the Instagram & Twitter folks!

I’m exhausted but wouldn’t miss the opportunity! Just need to finish putting some calories in so I don’t run out of energy (not that I’m hungry), do some of the social campaign stuff and write up this post!

Let’s go find Vinnie!