18 missed doses and counting

From before dawn to after sunset each day, the roommate and I flier the Mission. A rotation of helpful friends, neighbors and strangers take turns helping out, making sure I’m eating or keeping a positive outlook and otherwise working toward the cause to #helpfindvinnie. I’m so stressed and worried!

New sighting

A Latino and his friend were able to describe seeing Vinnie trotting down Capp from 24th toward 23rd in the rain on this last Friday afternoon. He was pretty specific about his size and description, said it was 2pm, reported no collar (we’ve heard this in previous Mission sightings) and no person with him. Y’all, my boy is roaming the Mission by himself! Whether he’s on one city block and staying nearby where I stand now handing out fliers or he’s on his way home, smelling his blanket that I’ve dangled out a window, I feel like we are close by. It’s like I’m a day behind & we are just missing each other!

New ideas

A great idea came in yesterday from the same wonderful person that designed the handouts. I’m going to plant some treats and pieces of my old shirt so he can sniff his way back to me. Fingers crossed y’all!

Spreading word & sharing fliers

Remember we’d love the help sharing fliers (posted to the homepage) around SF, virtually in Twitter & Instagram with #helpfindvinnie or his Facebook page. Bring him home y’all!