Day 4

Still no Vinnie: 7 missed meds so far


Print shop for reprints, b+w fliers went up by the Salesforce Tower, more along FiDi then moved NW. I was solo today, put up paper along Columbus & throughout the North Beach.

Heard of a few people seeing something in social media, so the buzz going is working! They’re seeing him either on Instagram or the Facebook post on my page (up to 1k shares!) or the page I created in Facebook on Sunday for Vinnie when he still wasn’t spotted anywhere.


Meeting a legend: Stephanie Lee

img_1547.jpegWhen woman who also had her dog stolen from out front of a neighborhood Whole Foods found her Phyllo again (article here) offered to help find Vinnie, I said yes! We want to head to the Mission to put up fliers, talk to people and hand out the little mini fliers so people could keep a better look out.

Image right is a sample…this site is on the back and so is #HelpFindVinnie for the Instagram & Twitter folks!

I’m exhausted but wouldn’t miss the opportunity! Just need to finish putting some calories in so I don’t run out of energy (not that I’m hungry), do some of the social campaign stuff and write up this post!

Let’s go find Vinnie!

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