Day 7 & Thanksgiving

Thank you for all the holiday greetings via text, direct message, email and from people I meet with as I search for Vinnie. Thank you for keeping Vinnie & me and our housemate in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you for spreading the word, for sharing in social media, and anything else strangers & friends are doing to #helpfindvinnie near & far.

The original Facebook post that I made in the panicked hours after the theft has circled the globe from across the US to Australia, England, Germany & beyond. I was asking for tips and ideas while waiting for police and after asking for video footage from the nearby business with likely footage. I’ve received so much helpful information & well wishes from that thread alone, not to mention posts from friends in other social channels like Daniel Peter’s or Pearl Lee’s. Those creators of the NextDoor app also knew what they were doing…thank you Sarah Leary, Nirav Tolia, Prakash Janakiraman and David Wiesen clearly created an app that people like using, since in my case it’s come up daily as a way people have found out about my missing lil guy, Vinnie.

I’m also very grateful for Stephanie Lee, who wanted to use her hard-won experience searching for her Phyllo to #helpfindvinnie. She designed the handouts we’re using as we canvass the streets and has graciously spent hours of her time with me walking the Mission & SOMA areas earlier this week. What an amazing boost she’s been in this very frustrating search for my pup!


Now, back out to the streets…it’s morning & the sun is up. Gotta get my boy home!

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